What is the difference between a Gift Subscription and a Recurring Subscription?

A gift subscription is prepaid i.e. you pay for the entire subscription upfront either 3, 6 or 12 months. You then choose who you would like this to go to and fill in the recipients details in the shipping address option. You will be given the option to gift wrap and add a message during the checkout process. You are also able to select the date that you want to subscription to start on. 

We despatch the coffee once per month on the anniversary date of the start of the subscription. The coffee that will be sent is the “Roastery’s Choice Coffee” meaning the recipient will receive a different bag of coffee each month.  Please refer to our Gift Subscription FAQs for further details.

A recurring subscription is a pay as you go subscription to either our Traditional or Discovery Roastery's Choice.  Your credit card is charged each time a bag of coffee is despatched. You can choose how many bags of the Traditional or Discovery subscription you want to receive in each delivery.  You are also able to make other changes to your subscription from your personal “Customer Portal”.

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