Roasted Coffee

  • What grind should I choose?

    You can purchase all of our roasted coffee products as either whole beans or ground ready for use.  We offer three different grind options; Cafetiere, Filter and Espresso. Cafetiere - can be used for brewing both in/for a cafetiere or a chemex. Filter - can be used for stove top, aeropress, V60 ...
  • How long should I rest my coffee for before using?

    Coffee ordered directly from RAVE If you are using the filter method to brew your coffee then it is ready to use from day four onwards after the roast date. For espresso brewing method the coffee should be rested for a week after the roast date before using but will further improve in flavour d...
  • How should I store my coffee?

    We recommend storing in a cool, dark place away from excessive heat, a kitchen cupboard or pantry works fine. Try to minimise exposure to air and moisture, so avoid the fridge.
  • Should I store coffee in the freezer?

    Some customers do this and say it has no effect but we personally don't use this method. We would recommend only buying what you can consume within one month. Keep it fresh!
  • My coffee beans looks lighter than I expected?

    The Loring coffee roaster we use at RAVE roasts the beans from the inside out. The beans may look a slightly lighter roast level than they actually are. To get a true indication of the roast level, we recommend that you grind a small sample.
  • What do you call a dark roast?

    This varies from roastery to roastery. We call a coffee a 'dark roast' when we roast it up to the first snaps of second crack. Our dark roasts will never be as dark or oily as some of the ones you may find in the supermarket.
  • My coffee tastes sour or very bitter.

    This could be down to how the coffee has been brewed also known as the extraction, please see our recommended brewing guides or it could be that the coffee is too fresh after roasting, see the FAQ for "How long should I rest my coffee for before using?" If you are still having problems then plea...
  • Can I get samples?

    Unfortunately, we don't offer samples.
  • I've ordered a kilo, can you split this into 250g bags please?

    We don't offer this service due to the discount we offer on kilos. We do sell zip lock coffee bags with valves on our website so you can order a few and split the kg yourself.