How do I change my delivery address?

To update your delivery address you will need to log in to your RAVE account.  (Follow FAQ "How do I log in to my account?).

Once you are logged in to your account:

On the left-hand side under 'Primary Address' click 'View Addresses'.

You may have several different addresses listed. The address that is marked Default will be the current primary delivery address.

Either 'Edit' an existing address or 'Add New Address'.

Ensure you tick 'Set As Default Address' to your new selection.

If you are not logged into your RAVE Account during a purchase and used "Guest Checkout" the delivery address will be used from your payment provider i.e. PayPal. Please ensure that this has also been changed within your payment provider account.

*If you need to update a delivery address for a subscription/recurring order then this will need to be updated in your subscription account.  (Follow FAQ Can I change my delivery address?)